Bodycraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike Review

One question that people who want to do fitness training indoors at home ask is; “Which is the best indoor bike that guarantees results?” We were faced by the same question when looking for a great bike that would deliver high value for money. One option that featured prominently because of its unique construction and impressive features was the BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike. Here is a complete review of this bike.

Bodycraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Features review

A closer review of the BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike reveals that it was constructed to ensure it lasts longer and delivers users’ fitness goals. Here are some of its main features:

Heavy Duty Steel Frame

If you are a cycling fanatic, you probably know that the first thing that defines its effectiveness is the frame. In the case of BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike, the frame is made of heavy-duty steel. This implies that it can be used even by overweight people or for longer fitness training sessions without damage.

The frame is also coated with powder-paint that helps to further protect the steel and give it an attractive appeal.

Heavy Duty Flywheel

If you want to enjoy cycling for fitness, the intensity of the workout is determined by the flywheel. This bike features an extra heavy 46-pound flywheel designed and installed for high inertia. It also has a tension control knob that allows you to vary the workout intensity so that you can easily to muscles or cut weight faster.

High-Performance Bearings and Automotive Belt

A fitness bike works by relaying torque from the pedals to a flywheel that varies tension to mimic different rides. To help you achieve this, Bodycraft SPX uses high-performance German-made SKF sealed bearings and Hutchinson V-ribbed automotive belt that makes cycling smooth and natural.

Adjustable Handlebars and Seat

To deliver greater value to users, Bodycraft SPX wanted to ensure that the bike can easily be used by all members of the family. That is why it was designed with adjustable handlebars and seat so that both tall and short family members can use it comfortably. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted up/down or back/forward for extra comfort to allow you to work out for more hours.


The most notable advantage of this bike is its sturdy construction and impressive features. Here are other pros associated with the bike:
• The bike has a compact design.
• It is easy to assemble.
• The frame comes with a lifetime warranty.


The main issue we found with the bike is that it does not have an automated monitor. This means that you have to manually check the time of the workout, cycling speed & distance and calories using devices such as smartphones.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

We found 444 reviews and feedbacks about the BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike. Most of them rated it 4.0 stars with users their satisfaction with the bike’s heavy duty design that makes it easy to cut weight or build muscles. Here is one of the comments.
“I Love this bike. It is a very smooth and solid ride for spinning. At first, I had some squeaking so I called the company and the man I spoke to was so helpful and knowledgeable.”


The BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike was constructed following years of research with the aim of delivering high value to users. Because of its unique features and confirmations of its effectiveness from users, we cannot hesitate to recommend that you also consider trying it.

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